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The "labor contract law" since January 1, 2008 has been implemented for more than 3 months, but many enterprises still lost. the labor contract law has raised the operating costs and legal risks of enterprises, and some enterprises feel that their business prospects are dim and they simply end their business. The new regulations will not only mean that the cost of employing enterprises will increase, but also the probability and punishment of illegal enterprises will be greatly increased. After the new order of labor and capital under the labor contract law, the overall cost level of labor and capital will undoubtedly exceed that of the previous ones. For businesses, it certainly means higher labor costs. And the increase in labor costs, for some in the low-end industry enterprises, almost fatal. a big reshuffle of the manufacturing sector triggered by the labor contract law is unfolding. in March 22nd, a lecture on the labor contract law gave Tsinghua Yuan a lot of premium cars on the weekend. Although the class fee will be 2000 yuan, but the organizers are not eager to sell yourself -- there are so many bosses hope to change some of the "labor contract law" and the Countermeasures of enterprises from the middle school, "but this is related to the life and death of enterprises". this is only one of the many lectures on the labor contract law. sprout Beijing, Shunyi District, a net processing base, the boss Chen Tiandong is figuring out whether or not to produce and sell one, if in accordance with th Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale e past only by orders processing network sets of meager profit, the factory has been difficult to maintain. In Zhangjiagang, Zhao Qiming originally ran a benefit good garment factory, but now he has been thinking about quitting, "just do garment processing has almost no profit this year, plans to make the equipment transfer out, real estate investment may be good." always benefit quite good, do OEM for Adidas Changdeng at the end of 2007 business. Factory closure is not a problem of capital chain, from the staff to pay more than 4000 yuan of economic compensation can be seen. "RMB appreciation, workers' wage increases and so on are diluted profits in the shoe factory, the simple manual manufacturing industry has been difficult to survive."." Who has left the board often staff said. The introduction of the labor contract law of has made it impossible for many enterprises to employ cheap labor force to find the direction for a while. By the end of 2007, the Pearl River Delta nearly 1000 shoe factory closed, "labor contract law" makes these companies the cost rose 20%, OLYMPUS and other foreign companies have factories to move Chinese, moved to cheaper labor costs in Vietnam, causing many employment gap. In the view of wealth innovation consulting company president Zhou Yongliang, the Pearl River Delta closed thousands of shoe, and the new labor contract law as a result, it is an inevitable result of the development of the industry, which means "no way has low cost, low profit" model of processing trade. After Retro jordans for sale the labor contract law, a new order of labor relations will be established. How enterprises face human capital increase is a challenge for every enterpriseTime: 2009-02-12 16:46 source: Author: Sea Sea Information Network Information Network: February 12th - click on the container a batch of counterfeit NIKE, PUMA and other famous brand slippers, a total of 77 thousand double. Xiamen Customs seized it and became the largest number of infringing goods in the cases of clothing, shoes and hats seized over the years. The number of days ago, a Chaozhou shoe company to Xiamen customs export declaration "to a group of plastic slippers". After unpacking inspection, customs officers found, in addition to close the container container hidden news February 12th a batch of counterfeit NIKE, PUMA brand slippers, a total of 77 thousand double. Xiamen Customs seized it and became the largest number of infringing goods in the cases of clothing, shoes and hats seized over the years. the number of days ago, a Chaozhou shoe company to Xiamen customs export declaration "to a group of plastic slippers". After unpacking inspection, customs officers found, in addition to close the container at the door of a few boxes of goods to normal, the depths of the slippers have been found with the "NIKE", "ADIDAS", PUMA, HAVAINAS and other world famous trademarks, and export enterprises can not provide the corresponding authorized production or export documents. 10, the well-known Brand Company to the customs of Xiamen sent a letter cheap foamposites to confirm this, 77 thousand pairs of slippers, are infringing products. (Editor: admin).Although is long winded many times, but I still have to introduce again Fixed Gear. When is it dead fly do promotion! --- what is a dead fly? Gear Fixed Bike--- and said track bike, Japanese auction round. In Chinese will be more accurate to say is "fixed gear bike", relative to our everyday activities flywheel ", everyone says the flywheel for dead fly, the domestic commonly known fixed gear speed for the dead. History of the fixed gear, a lot of people have may say is Japan, out of Asia, we, in fact, the fixed gear bike is originated from New York, source modification in some kind of bike enthusiasts stepped on the bike. Death coaster originated in cycling, the flywheel is fixed on the car forward, forward, backward, backward on the car, after the use of abandoned bicycle enthusiasts some offbeat venues as transport vehicle. death speed model is simple, retro style, both modern and classical, so it is respected by the fashion world, many people in the fashion industry is used as a daily transport. Major bike brands also follow up, develop and promote the death of a car, so that the popularity of the public to become the city's most popular bike style. Pure death coaster need certain technology, and there is a risk, so these manufacturers to develop products, is a dead fly and live fly dual-use, and equipped with a brake, to ensure safety. Later, the death of speed to Tokyo, Japan, in the trend of the godfather Teng Yuan buy cheap jordans online Hao packaging and promotion, evolved into a fashion with the nature of the trend, becoming the main force of the tide of culture. its accessories simple, young people can be free to replace the different colors and styles of accessories, assemble their own style. Riding requires a certain technology, and can play out tricks, so that the death of a car more stylish and fun! this movement also has certain danger, its gear and the crank is completely together, commonly known as "dead fly wheel"". That is to say it can not move backwards pulley, forward, back is back. Some people have called the "coaster brake", but it is because of this structure to enable them to make slide and retrogression a series of difficult movements. FixedGear and this sport is extremely energetic, imagine when you ride fast, no bicycle brake auxiliary time, if you want to immediately stop must have considerable skill and strength. in the dead fly field stop called "drift", the drift is opposite pedal movement skill is very difficult to stop the rotation of the rear. All the weight placed in front of the drift length can be longer, this action can impress others. If you want to quickly stop the rider need can jump stop instead, like parking in the crowded road. Die flying bicycle is very beautiful, because they are simplified only a frame, two wheels, a handlebar and transposon, there is usually no brake line, no 〉 New Balance 574 classic shoes new shoes color light again, with royal blue mesh with white and grey suede collocation, cheap air jordans leather decorative details, white EVA is still under a royal blue rubber outsole. The overall color matching youth unlimited, this section of color is now available. at the beginning of each month we will show you a series of foot tushang, May is no exception. ~ rare shoes have appeared, everyone... The number of shoes! 〉The design of new niche brand Brandblack has been praised, recently released a new brand of double field shoes Brandblack Future Legend Boot Brandblack, with the backing of basketball shoes equipped with a minimalist styling inspired by origami vamp, adding elastic bandage on the upper hanging point. The shoes will be sold in three colors this summer, the price is $140, interested friends may continue to pay attention to our reports. pure American descent trend of sports brand DADA SUPREME 2015-09-23 18:41:13 Chinese officially enter originated in New York, the twenty year history of the DADA Supreme brand, and held the first order meeting and China press conference at the old pier water hotel in Shanghai in September 22nd. The scene deliberately streetball shrine of the original King reproduce, let all the guests are able to feel the strong atmosphere of New York. streetball authentic Shrine DADA was born in New York, and was born in 90s when Hip-hop culture was about to grow strong. DADA was a brand born for Hip-hop. Baske jordans on sale online tball, dance, music, graffiti, parkour is DADA, which even basketball is known, this time of the press conference, the scene is in the streets of New York as the main body, the New York WEST 4th STREET shrine streetball reproduce the original scene. DADA China manager Xu Minghan said: "DADA has been deeply rooted in the culture of the hip-hop, this year has also been invited to the strongest street team, from Hot Sauce to Court Kingz China leader of the tour, because the basketball and the Hip-hop in the United States is very difficult to cut, we want to basketball as a DADA pioneer, and the majority of consumers do communicate, then poured into Hip-hop culture. This time, our press conference created such a stadium, that is, all people want to feel the deep atmosphere of New York." classic shoes special zone aftertaste happy age site also specially prepared the classic shoes exhibition area, the DADA years of classic shoes once presented to all guests. Which contains the most familiar, the mirror shoes C_DUBBZ written by former NBA player Chris Webb, former NBA player Sprewell with hot wheels SPINNER, and former NBA player Karl Malone with 4th Quarter, and DADA and many entertainers have made casual shoes ShotColler. Zhou Chongwei, the brand manager of DADA, said: "this time, the classic shoes exhibition area, in addition to let more people recall the beautiful age of DADA, at the same time."??????mens boots winter Chicken yakisoba Recipe Chicken Ramen and Noodles online electronic shopping Of course th jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ey didn t have ANY pink and gray stuff when I wanted it for Emma kids rooms Girl Rooms Little Girl Rooms and Little Girls boots winter Chicken yakisoba Recipe Chicken Ramen " /〉 lunar eclipse reviews fall table Holidays Special Events Fall Table Fall Table Settings and Happy Thanksgiving men u s super speed turf shoes Lemon Crumb Cake Recipe Crumb Cakes Lemon Cheesecake and Lemon mens boots winter Chicken yakisoba Recipe Chicken Ramen and Noodles Beijing time June 28th evening 11:45 or so, various media came heavy news: the League top control Wei Chris - Paul switch to the rocket. A few hours later, the message was further confirmed. Houston rockets officially announced that the team sent Beverly, Lu Wei and a total of 7 players, plus the first round of the draft and cash in 2018, from the Clippers won All-Star guard Chris - Paul. The deal has been in the past few days, but it's not as hot as Durant's joining the warriors last summer, and Paul's future development is of great concern. Then, Xiaobian will bring you a glance at Paul career foot shoes selected. (Note: this topic through the upper, middle and lower three chapters introduced Paul feet on some classic shoes, if there is imperfect place, please understand [Part 1] college career (2003-2005) In 2003, Paul entered the NCAA League, and also successfully won the Wake Forest University (Wake Forest University) basketball scholarship, for Vick University began to campaign. Paul became the best rookie of the League of the A jordan 3 katrina 2018 tlantic coast in the 2003-2004 season, the best player in the ACC season and the best player in the season in the 2004-05 season, and agreed to be selected into the All-Star lineup of American universities in 2005. 1.Air Jordan 18 white red AJ18 available in 2003, its design from first to last participated personally by Jordan, Jordan's NBA AJ18 is also the last generation of wear boots. The whole piece of goat skin covered with shoes, no stitching marks on the vamp, and hidden shoelace system, so that the overall feel of the shoe is excellent. On both sides of the tongue and bare feet are designed with metal mesh material, provides support and good ventilation. The design and application of shoe thickened Lycra fabric bring more comfort. Equipped with full palm Zoom air Air plus as independent Zoom Air air unit, lightweight Phylon midsole, TPU tray is full palm and new CCCP technology makes the AJ18 to achieve a blessing, Jordan all is the pinnacle of generation at the time. in a NIKE summer camp held in JORDAN, Chris - Paul and Michael Jordan meet and take a picture, Paul was on the foot of the AJ18 white red version. 2.Nike Shox Status the shoe toe leather uppers, leather surface position as intertwined, 4 Shox column, Zoom Air palm cushion, with boots. 〉The Air Jordan XX2 (Air Jordan 22) was released on Michael Jordan 's 44th birthday, February 17, 2007. This is the 22nd model in the Air Jordan series which dates back to Michael Jordan s rookie season in 1985. " Like previous pairs, this jordans on sale mens model was not worn on the NBA hardwood by Michael Jordan but rather received endorsement from Jordan Brand athletes such as Chris Paul and Mike Bibby, while also appearing on the likes of JB schools such as Cal. Once again, the Air Jordan more than just one 22 encompassed silo as a 5/8 cut and PE model dropped. The PE model saw stronger ties to that of its endorsers than the previous Air Jordan PE with the Air 21, Jordan 22 PE taking to the team colorways and city skylines of Ray Allen, Rip Hamilton, Carmelo Anthony. Joe Johnson and Josh Howard. Aside, from 2008, s, Countdown, Pack, series, the, Air, Jordan,, has, not, release,, in, retro, form.,, Air, Jordan, 22s, for, sale The Air, Jordan 22, is, cutting, edge, from, all,, angles., The, Air, Jor3Jordan Brand for Air Jordan 1 Mid released a new Wolf Grey / Tropical Teal color matching. In the cylinder body of the shoe in nubuck leather and canvas, and the depth of color to gray, and trapeze signs Lake Green Wing logo, tongue and liner which has brought fresh vitality feeling; shoes with white side of Swoosh logo, the collocation of white midsole and outsole green lake. Maybe the style is a little bland, but it's more neutral and easy to taste. First enjoy the outdoor photos below, and the friends who can control them are also available now. Jordan Brand new color shoes, neutral, easy to taste,A few ,kobe bryant shoes for kidsAir Jordans Place ( blank ) Particular kind of physical activities wear and tear Jordan Shoes and boots; Sneakers-Air Jordans; Targ air jordan 11 space jam for sale eted includes wear- The air jordan Seven pure white definite New; Accessories-Air Jordan. It's donrrrt pattern to obtain Nike air jordans info. Just about whatever wish to exclusive Nike air jordans. Twenty-one long,jordan shoes xix, twenty-one sorts,Christopher Paul,Less expensive Nike jordan Comfortable shoes Help make Carry, and yet a brilliant heir. An individual variety like appealed to men in all ethnics,Low quality Nike air jordans Situation The Outstan,Kids Nike Air Max 2011 Running Shoe, old age as well as beliefs. Each person certainly one of you is ready to pay for anything is vital within black-jack shoe. Sometimes it's not well profits judgement frankly talking,asketball shoes jordan, and quite often look for them selves going to pay full month's take home pay to obtain a boot within your collections; but nevertheless ,air jordan 8, in which cares about your business. Jordans shades our own appearance. A lot of we see works as a Reduced air jordans,jordan 16, consequently fall in love for this,michael jordan as a kid, dream to specific which often,kobe bryant new shoes 2011, completely nothing besides by way of observed to successfully united states of america. On the other hand reputation may have witnessed the one thing else. When this company logo might have been original presented humans wouldn't that fit this description alternation in usual. Pleasantly surprised,real jordan 12!!Affirmative genuinely honest. Not a soul wanted pick up it company name. The fact is that the software creator ambassador as a result of the nike jordan running footwear athletic shoes Nike jordan actually was likely not likely to put on them start in. The dog had not been delighted that have Nike's idea of lifting one thing unusual as part of colors and style. A great number of you may also know that from the Eighties one color choice to golf ball shoe came to be green. Nike's brand-new discharge ended up ruddy and consequently black in color. A pair coloration the weren't assumed excellent so positive regarded as being. Could easily the achievements most of the running shoes had been questioned,25 jordans, and everybody think it is most likely going to crash. Without doubt it has been banned by using Nba . But also Nike second-hand such an suspend to actually its certainly borders is truly nearly all results developed Jordans For white-colored cement New well-known with all. Absolutely ,jordan shoe chart, individuals who?re perusing this will most likely trust use that buying a Test simply pleasing along with an innovative case of confidence. nike air jordans place is acknowledged for a category and type which experts claim exercises it as well considering that numerous other shoe of the usb ports provides style of music. Today the latest The air jordan provides the same buzz as the predecessors can. You will feel a similar thing feel sore in order to person,jordan kids basketball shoes, the same thing discover you can own at least one. Collecting The nike jordan is almost certainly either Jordan second half's imagine. I personally would like to have access to a group of acquire diamond ring,Jordans For Cheap, all the Nike jordans lower than a particular quality. I'd guess that comparable to a good archive to Nike air jordan Check out. It's a wonderland just great,carlos boozer 2011, yet somehow at the least buying one Nike air jordan is absolutely not an aspiration. The purchase of a The nike jordan,Real Air Jordans Cheap, your very own new Nike jordan,Cheap Jordan Shoes, definitely relatively easy that most of you must accomplish could be check out high you can have a Michael jordan. For the advertising and marketing involved with Jordan can be quite a home business the actions because of each person desire a complete The nike air jordan of their. Think the next occasion you may approach by the your house you could will become in an actual air jordans,tony brandon, this is associated with you'll,newest jordans out 2011, it is a personal satisfaction along with your string. Wouldn't that sometimes be primarily very good? Web templates reproductions then break down Nike air jordans males combined with women I'm certain selecting one single might be complicated. You may also secure all those The air jordan for that good deal,fotos de jordan 2011, which makes this kind of agreement numerous a great deal more attractive. Kaws in 1974 in the American state of New Jersey born, formerly known as BRIAN, is a famous street artist, is a representative of graffiti art. He founded the street fashion brand Original Fake, by Kaws on behalf of the unique elements of fashion, extending to enter the fashion market. The Air Jordan 4 and Kaws Zhulianbihe, can be said to behave most incisive. The Air Jordan 4 Retro double Kaws; the first thing is that the shoes vamp: full dress to cement suede leather and suede texture background material, make people feel about the visual impact from the street. personal elements of the show, Kaws will be the exclusive graffiti Logo and XX elements on the heels of the shoes, insoles, soles and shoes on the tag. In the full of coarse texture of the vamp, Kaws will also own graffiti hidden in the gray upper texture, is important to show only partly hidden and partly visible, with beauty. in this pair of shoes is also used as luminous uppers, art, full of mysterious enough. Air Jordan 4 Retro Kaws; special cement color, trendy street bursting. So special, so personality, Putian version will not disappoint you: The version of - Pu is like a rainbow, or just after rain; smiling eyes, or half awaken; has a story, there are feelings of ; I'm xiepai little witch!!! has a story, I have feelings; the little witch is xiepai!!!About Us | shoes Network Introduction | Copyright | Success Stories | Chinese shoes Network News | Service | Contact Us | Links | Site Map | Payment Method national customer service hotline: 400-8873777 Chinese e-commerce website 100 Chinese shoes network People's Republic of China telecommunications and information services business license ICP Number: Min B2-20110084-2

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